Why Solar Power

Again, top-down policies will certainly make our job easier as we continue to expand our scope. And we expect to make the most progress in markets where supportive green incentives already exist. But even without renewable energy mandates, subsidies, or government support, the environmental and financial benefits of solar are impossible to ignore:

  •  PV panel prices continue to plummet year after year
  •  Utility prices keep trending upwards – with no end in sight.
  •  Weather patterns are becoming even more erratic worldwide.

Thanks to the rise of globalisation, The world has never been more interconnected than it is today.

However, this interconnectedness also brings certain challenges as well. Individual actions on one side of the globe can have profound, adverse effects on the opposite side of the world. What one does in Nairobi influences pollution levels and weather patterns in Sydney – and vice versa. In isolation, these individual activities aren’t a big deal. But when you multiply those actions by billions of human inhabitants all over the planet, the collective impact is huge.

Global warming may be a global phenomenon. But the root causes are primarily local. The great news is that the solutions to this challenge are also local. True, we could wait for top-down solutions from politicians. And moving forward, both national and international environmental strategies will play a significant role in helping to heal the planet.

But we already have the tools and knowledge required to solve climate change. And these solutions mostly exist at the local level. Moreover, they are becoming more mainstream and affordable with each passing day. There was a time when only the wealthiest among us could afford to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. Now, anyone can harness free sunshine to generate clean electricity.

We’ve seen this transformation unfold right here in Australia. Over the years, Euro Solar Group & Euro Solar has helped tens of thousands of ordinary homeowners and businesses opt out of the fossil fuel cycle by embracing clean energy from the sun.

Those who make the switch immediately benefit from lower electricity bills and a much smaller carbon footprint. However, the impact of these very local actions is felt worldwide, helping the planet become healthier and less polluted. And this thirst for sustainable energy continues to spread rapidly as the benefits of going solar become even more mainstream.