What we began back in 2008 has become a new national pastime for Australia, with people all over the country installing photovoltaic systems from coast-to-coast. The momentum is unstoppable. It’s also inspiring – so much so that we’ve decided to take Euro Solar’s winning formula to the next level.  We’ve decided to go global.  And why wouldn’t we?

  • Everyone on the planet continues to face rising energy costs
  • CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions exist worldwide
  • The desire to leave a better world for the future is universal

And solar is one of the few technologies that can address all 3 of these challenges. The sun supplies planet Earth with enough energy every hour to cover the world’s electricity needs for a full year. And that limitless energy is 100% clean, allowing us to power our local, national, and global economies without harming the environment. This is why our expanded mission is to help every person on the planet become involved with the solar revolution.

Our short-term vision is to help the planet reach that milestone even sooner. And we will likely succeed if battery storage continues to evolve at its current pace. It almost certainly will give the huge investments that companies like Tesla are making. The US-based EV manufacturer is currently developing a $5 billion Giga factory that’ll be dedicated to nothing but affordable energy storage. Once those batteries become truly mainstream, there will be little reason to remain connected to the utility grid. Every family on the planet will be able to generate and store their clean electricity from the sun. But if helping solar become the dominant source of power by midcentury is our primary focus in the short-term, what is our ultimate end game?

Euro Solar Global’s Long-Term Vision

We started with an ambitious goal to equip every rooftop in Australia with solar power. But over the long-term, we hope to extend that mission to the rest of the world – tackling one market at a time. For us, the next stop is India – a nation with:

  • Skyrocketing energy demand
  • Crippling fossil fuel imports
  • Abundant year-round sunshine

In other words, India seems like an ideal place to duplicate the successes we’ve already enjoyed in Australia. But we certainly won’t stop there. In fact, we won’t stop until every rooftop on the planet comes equipped with affordable, powerful solar PV panels.

Is this goal too ambitious?

We don’t think so. In fact, we believe such a future is inevitable. It may not happen in our lifetimes, but there will come a day when the entire global economy is fueled entirely by the sunshine.

Moving forward, we believe the planet will become even more interconnected, with people all over the world communicating, interacting, and engaging in commerce at levels never before seen. But with the right approach, none of their actions – individually or collectively – will harm the planet. By embracing clean and free sunshine, each of us can become environmental stewards, helping to leave the world a much better place for future generations. The road ahead won’t be easy. Change of this scale will require radical shifts in the way we think and act. But with your support, we’ll get there.

To learn how you can help us with this mission, contact us today.