Who owns the sun ?

A new article has emerged that talks about ownership of Sun that is primarily debating intellectual rights.

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Must Read! Usage of solar energy in our daily life

We all know sunlight is a renewable source of energy, but it’s vital to know how we use in our daily lives. I am going to analyse and discuss some of the usages of solar power in our lives:

Euro Solar Systems – Easy way to Power your House


Electricity – from Solar Energy

Euro solar panels observe light energy from the sun and then transform into electric power. We make use of electricity to power home appliance, handheld devices, electric car, etc. These solar panels are expensive to setup, but its work as a cost effective tool for years of usage. Before buying solar panels consult Euro Solar experts so that they would suggest you the right product for your house.

Solar can heat your swimming pool

It hard to jump into the pool during winter. Solar energy can transform into heat energy to heat the water. Its is important to heat the water to room temperature to have a great swim. Make use of solar water heating panels to adjust the water temperature to our requirement.

Solar can power street lights


During day time solar panels installed on top of lights would absorb sunlight energy. The absorbed sunlight energy is converted into electric energy and stored in the battery for all night usage.