When we launched Euro Solar back in 2008, we started with one simple goal – to equip every rooftop in Australia with solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. At first glance, this goal may have seemed overly ambitious. In 2008, PV panels were still quite expensive. And they hadn’t achieved the efficiency rates we see today.

We knew that the sun was an infinitely exhaustible resource that could provide clean and free electricity. And we were fortunate enough to work in a market that had a tremendous amount of solar potential. In fact, Australia receives enough sunshine to cover the country’s electricity needs 15,000 times over. And when harnessed correctly clean energy from the sun could slash utility bills and help shrink carbon footprints.

We decided to move forward anyhow – installing system after system with each passing month.Our overly ambitious goal began to pick up speed as more Australians started to appreciate the environmental and financial benefits that solar energy provided.Note that this shift wasn’t automatic. It required that we continuously refine our formula to ensure our customers receive the highest returns from their clean power investments.

This strategy worked. In fact, it worked so well, that we’ve since expanded our original mission substantially. But to fully appreciate this growth, it’s important to understand our underlying philosophy.

Euro Solar’s Customer First Approach

Arguably most important is the focus we place on customer service. We remain deeply obliged to ensuring that our clients enjoy the highest possible returns from their solar power investments.

Understanding Euro Solar Advantage

We credit much of this victory to our unique focus on

High Quality: Sourcing the highest quality solar components that we could find. All of the PV products we use have been rigorously tested – both in the lab and in the field.Our 5KW system is very high value, and 10KW systems provide a better ROI for a bigger house.

Dedicated Professionals: Recruiting and training dedicated solar professionals who excel at extracting the possible value from each PV system, whether they’re installing panels on homes, businesses, schools, or municipal buildings.

Several Distinguishing Factors Make Us Unique

30 Year Warranty –  All of our solar installations come with 30 years of panel warranty protection. It is in sharp contrast to the traditional 25 years of coverage that most solar panels enjoy.

10-Year Workmanship –  All of our PV systems come with 10-year quality warranties that cover your installation for any labour-related defects. This coverage is double what most competitors provide.

Performance Guarantee –  All of our PV installations come with solar performance guarantees. From the very beginning, we promise our customers that their completed systems will generate a certain amount of clean power every month. If their installations underperform, our engineers will fix the problem – free of charge.

All Of Our PV Systems Adhere To The Strictest Standards When It Comes To Licensing and Certification

  • ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • AS4801 (Safety)
  • NSW WHS (5th Edition Guidelines)
  • ISO14001 (Environment)


As a result of this customer focus, Euro Solar has emerged as the #1 solar installer in Australia – not just in quality, but also in size.

Euro SolarIn fact, we currently have a significant number of full-time employees and contractors working in every state from coast to coast. Cumulatively, the Euro Solar team has installed 90,000 kW of solar capacity across 28,000 separate PV systems as on 2014.And our presence continues to grow nationwide as homeowners and businesses throughout Australia explore ways to save money and protect the planet.Our original mission hasn’t changed. And we’re still on track to outfit every rooftop in Australia with PV technology.But we’ve also decided to expand our focus by taking Euro Solar International.

We’ll be the first to admit that Australia was a great place to get started

  • At 4kWh/m2 of daily insolation, we have more solar potential than most tropical countries do.
  • Australia also has notoriously expensive grid electricity, which makes the relative cost of going solar far more attractive.
  • Add to this the ever-looming threat of climate change – a danger that is particularly pronounced in a country with such densely populated coasts. In the words of Lord Nicholas Stern, Australia is “enormously vulnerable” to the devastating effects of Earth’s warming climate.

As we launch Euro Solar Global, we’ll continue to focus on

  • High-quality solar components that are specifically tailored for each geographic market we service.
  • Unparalleled quality performed by trained professionals who can extract the possible value from every square meter of available roof space.
  • Above-average turnaround times to ensure that our customers can reduce their reliance on fossil fuel as quickly as possible.
  • Unbeatable pricing that makes going solar irresistibly attractive, whether you are a homeowner, business, or government agency.
  • Complete transparency as we work in close collaboration with all relevant environmental, community, and governmental stakeholders in each new market.

Global warming remains a global threat.That’s why we’ve expanded our original mission to encompass the entire planet.

Installing panels on every rooftop around the globe won’t be easy. And we don’t plan on tackling this challenge all at once. One market at a time, we will continue to apply the same winning formula that has made us so successful in Australia. With Current Technology, Solar Energy Is On Route To Becoming The World’s #1 Source Of Electricity

The reason behind this is simple. Solar power benefits from two significant converging trends

PV Prices Are Falling – Even if efficiency rates stay the same, the cost of manufacturing and installing PV panels continues to plummet.  Since 2009 alone, those costs have dropped by nearly 80%. These price drops are primarily due to Economies of scale and Increased competition.

Rising Utility Prices – Fossil fuel is a finite resource whether you’re talking about oil, natural gas, or coal. And we’re quickly approaching the limits of what the planet can provide. As fossil fuel reserves get depleted, the price of grid electricity keeps trending upwards. And this problem will only accelerate as global energy demand increases.

Thinking About Going Solar – As PV installation prices fall, and grid prices rise, the relative cost of going solar only improves. In fact, more and more countries around the world are approaching solar grid parity – i.e. the point at which relying on the sunshine is just as affordable as relying on utility providers.Countries like Australia have already reached solar grid parity.  Thanks to our abundant sunshine and expensive grid power, we were one of the first nations in the world to get there.